How Many Sessions Will I Need?


“How many sessions will I need?” As an energy healing practitioner, this is a question I hear often, and one to which there is no precise answer. Each person’s need is different. Each person’s body is different. Each person’s body responds differently to the energy. While there are no hard and fast rules, there are a couple basic guidelines which I’ve come to understand in my twelve years as a professional practitioner.

General Relaxation
If you’re looking for a few moments of peace and relaxation, a single hour-long session may perhaps do the trick.

If you’re looking for peace and relaxation that lasts longer, then you’ll want to schedule sessions weekly, every other week, or monthly. Frequency will depend on what other measures you are engaging in to make peace and relaxation a real and lasting part of your life. Those things might include meditation, yoga, jogging, counseling, and other similar activities. All of which have great value in and of themselves.

To Help Ease Symptoms Caused by Illness, Injury, Disease, Chronic Issues
Because there are as many illnesses, injuries, diseases and chronic issues as there are people in the world, to touch on every conceivable scenario is impossible. Overall, however, the number of needed sessions will depend on the specific issue and your specific constitution.

If you have a cold or the flu or another contagious illness which usually clears on its own within a week or two even without energy healing, a 30-minute session (by remote methods, if what you have is contagious) each day or an hour session every other day can help speed up the process. If nothing else, it will help you rest more comfortably while the bug passes through.

As for common injuries, such as a broken arm, a deep cut or wound, and strained muscles, one or two 60-minute sessions per week, until healed and continuing for two to three weeks after full recovery is most recommended. Of course, in all cases, you’ll want to see your primary care physician or visit an urgent care center or the nearest emergency room for any immediate concerns. I don’t know about you, but if I break my arm, my first stop isn’t going to be an energy healing practitioner, it’s going to be the ER.

With complex, long-term illnesses and chronic conditions – think diabetes, asthma, stroke, depression, anxiety disorder, OCD, immune system disorders/issues, multiple sclerosis, obesity and so forth – a long-term series of sessions is necessary. In many cases, I offer what I call Specialty Series for such things. Each Specialty Series is designed for the condition or issue it targets. You can review the list here.

Specialty Series are designed with the average number of sessions, session length, and regularity of application it takes before a client experiences noticeable and ongoing improvements. Exact length of each series will again depend on the individual client. Each series also contains precise applications of the energy to specific points on the body which correspond to the issue being targeted.

The Detoxification-Rejuvenation series, for example, which is highly beneficial for things such as addiction recovery, detoxification for optimum health, and surgical recovery (and which, by the way, is one of the most popular series!) contains eighteen 90-minute sessions with nine special applications that target fifteen specific points. All sessions are completed within an eight-week period.

Another example is the Sciatica Specialty Series – for clients with problematic sciatica. This series includes forty-five 80-minute sessions with four special applications which target 7 specific points. Sessions are completed within a fourteen-week period.

Again, these series were designed on averages, and where I begin. Your individual situation may require more or fewer sessions.

Talk to your practitioner to help you determine how many energy healing sessions you might need based on the reason(s) you are seeking services. Although she will not likely be able to provide you with a definitive answer, she should know a real good estimate. Please keep in mind, if your practitioner observes more than one system (i.e., Usui System of Natural Healing, Nth Power, aura and chakra methods [Chios perhaps]) be sure you know exactly which system(s) the practitioner will be employing throughout the course of action chosen. Different methods of applying the energies can also effect the number of potential sessions you may need.


If you benefited from the information shared in this article, please share. Thank you oodles!


About Sabrina DeVaney

For more than 15 years, I have been dedicated to helping people address their wellness needs. Rather than just treating symptoms, my goal is to treat the body as a system and restore it to optimal balance. This thinking is what makes up the foundation of holistic healing.
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