Take Back Your Life

I’ve been asked several times to repost this. This article was in the May 2015 Healing News newsletter (the monthly mailing for my business – you can sign up here from my website); due to the number of requests, I felt it more prudent to repost here in the blog. Missed words and other typos have been corrected. Thank you.


Take Back Your Life

Whew! What a wild couple of years. At least it has been for me, and I know it’s been wild for some of you too. Some of it off-the-wall fantastic, some of it meh, and a lot of it painstakingly wretched. But we’ve survived, every one of us. That says a good deal about how strong we really are, don’t you think? Some of us are still recovering and some of us are still waiting for recovery to begin. No matter where you’re at, it’s okay. You are where you are. And you can start or continue to take back your life regardless of where you are in your personal challenges.

As I mentioned last time, for me, it was using the tools I have at hand that have pulled me through (and continue to do so), and which literally saved my life a couple times. They can work the same way for you. Some of you doubt it, and that’s okay. If they aren’t working for you, here are the top three likely reasons:

1. Not using the tools you have, or not receiving the services you need. When we’re going through something real difficult, whether it’s mental, emotional, physical, spiritual or any combination of these, we need to use the tools and services much more than we normally do. It’s like your house being on fire, having a phone, knowing how to dial 911 and not placing the call, rather just standing by and watching the house burn until nothing is left. None of us would ever dream of doing such a thing if our house caught fire, yet we do exactly that when we do! So my advice: pick up the damn phone and make the call! Call on yourself, if you have the tools. And if you don’t have the tools in your own hands or are too worn down to engage in self-care, call your service provider and schedule a series of appointments. (When I say service provider, think beyond holistic measures; maybe you need to see the doctor more regularly, start counseling, whatever it is.)

2. Irregularly using the tools/receiving the services. We all get caught in this loop sooner or later, even practitioners. Don’t lie, you know it’s true. When we don’t use the tools we have on a regular basis when things are going well, it’s much less likely we’ll even remember them when the <bleep> hits the fan. Develop a regular self-care routine. Put it on your schedule! Don’t trust you will remember it, especially in the beginning. Mark your calendar for every day, or at the very least four days a week. Can’t find four times a week for taking care of yourself? Then you really need to do this. Try turning off the TV, unplug from social media, your phone and the computer. Look at all the places you’re investing time where it isn’t necessary. Enjoy yourself, of course; just unplug a little. There’s always time. I have my calendars (note the plural!) all marked six days a week for one hour. I call it my Self-Care Hour. During this time I do yoga, meditation, body scan, self-apply reiki, use EFT, or some other health-related healing work. If I miss a day or two (it happens), I can feel the difference almost immediately. Get into a regular routine and you will too. You will begin to see that time as being sacred, and little will ever stand in your way of taking that time for yourself. One of the best benefits of doing regular self-care: when the sky falls, you’ll be better equipped to handle it.

3. Expecting a “miracle” to occur within one or a few sessions, whether self-applied or through receiving outside assistance. I’m sorry, but this is just not going to happen. Period. Though you are likely to notice some initial relief within a few short sessions, it won’t be lasting if you fail to develop a regimen over a reasonable period of time. It just won’t. Plucking one weed from your garden won’t magically make the rest disappear. Oh, if only! If anything, this will only cause more stress, which is the opposite of what you want to do. So, I’ll say it again: Develop a regular self-care routine.

This one simple thing, a regular schedule of self-care, just might one day literally save your life. You are of major value, so take care of yourself and take back your life.


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About Sabrina DeVaney

For more than 15 years, I have been dedicated to helping people address their wellness needs. Rather than just treating symptoms, my goal is to treat the body as a system and restore it to optimal balance. This thinking is what makes up the foundation of holistic healing.
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