How Many Sessions Will I Need?


“How many sessions will I need?” As an energy healing practitioner, this is a question I hear often, and one to which there is no precise answer. Each person’s need is different. Each person’s body is different. Each person’s body responds differently to the energy. While there are no hard and fast rules, there are a couple basic guidelines which I’ve come to understand in my twelve years as a professional practitioner. Continue reading

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Energy Healing Sessions

Clients often wonder how to get the most of their energy healing sessions. Although this can vary depending on your specific situation and the type of energy healing you are receiving, there is one simple guidepost to follow no matter what. Be proactive. Really, that’s all you have to remember because everything that follows falls under this one guidepost. But let’s take a look at what “Be proactive” means.

1.] Commit to the process. Chances are, if you’re seeking energy healing, you’re dealing with something that’s been going on for a while. You’re probably already utilizing conservative care methods and aren’t happy with the results or it feels like something is lacking in your treatment. Perhaps both. [I feel your frustration!] Like with conservative care, energy healing can be a process. Yes, there are one- or two- session ‘miracles’ touted (though none scientifically proven as of yet) and I’ve seen some ‘miraculous’ things myself, but such is seldom the case. To achieve the best results be ready to commit. It’s a commitment both to the process and to yourself. Continue reading

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5 Things You Should Never Ask Your Professional Healing Facilitator

After reading my friend’s blog post “5 Things You Should Never Ask Your Massage Therapist,” I was inspired to write likewise. So here’s my take on …

5 Things You Should Never Ask Your Professional Healing Facilitator

Just like Michelle stated in her post about massage therapists, healing facilitators – Reiki, Shamanic, Emotional Freedom and other like practitioners – are asked many questions by their clients; some of which are simply bad-mannered. No Checkbox

I get a family/friend discount, right?
While not necessarily a bad-mannered question, this can be … well, a dubious question.

While there are numerous service providers – for example: hair dressers, massage therapists, photographers, and even energy-workers – who do provide a friends and family discount, many are in one of these two categories: Continue reading

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Quick & Simple Tips for Calm & Peaceful Holidays

Stressed HamsterThe holidays can bring immense joy and fun; they can also create s-t-r-e-s-s! Thank goodness we have many ways to help combat the stress. One way is simple meditation. (It’s difficult only if you let it be so.) Here are two relaxing and easy meditations to help bring you back into balance, promote clarity and calm, and instill a sense of inner peace. Continue reading

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