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Your Reiki Practitioner Is Not a Healer (The Short & Sweet of It)

If you’re at all familiar with subtle healing methods, whether you’re a practitioner or a client, you’ve certainly heard the word healer casually thrown about as though practitioners are some mystical vessel of healing energy. No doubt you’ve even heard … Continue reading

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Are You Annoying the Hell Out of Your Energy Healing (Reiki) Practitioner?

“Rule #1 – The customer is always right. Rule #2 – If the customer is ever wrong, re-read Rule #1.” – Steve “Stew” Leonard Steve “Stew” Leonard was on to something with his concept about the customer always being right. … Continue reading

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5 Things You Should Never Ask Your Professional Healing Facilitator

After reading my friend’s blog post “5 Things You Should Never Ask Your Massage Therapist,” I was inspired to write likewise. So here’s my take on … 5 Things You Should Never Ask Your Professional Healing Facilitator Just like Michelle … Continue reading

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