Feeling Like an Impostor? Me, Too!

(originally written Aug 3, 2016)

Every now and then most of us experience the feeling that we aren’t as good as others think we are, and that we, ourselves, know we are. For solo-preneurs, such as myself, who do their own marketing and advertising, that feeling can usurp what we know to be true about our skills and abilities.

As I sit here typing this, I’m feeling it just now. I feel like an impostor, a fraud, and I have been feeling this way for a while.Impostor Continue reading

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9 Easy Ways to Support Your Friend’s Business

Female terms are used herein because, well, I’m a female. But this is good advice for the guys, too.

Your friend has a business and you want to support and encourage her in her endeavors. You desire to see her succeed. Maybe it’s a small start up or a small struggling business she’s working hard to get off the ground. And she’s superb at what she provides, be it a product, product line, or a service.

Problem is, you don’t know how to really assist her in achieving her goals because maybe you don’t need what she offers. Perhaps she designs websites, but you don’t have your own business. Maybe she started a home repair business but your home isn’t in need at this time. She does computer repair, but yours is still under warranty. Maybe she provides bodywork like massage or energy work, but you don’t yet understand the need for it in your own life.Helping Friends Succeed

How Can the Genuine Friend Be Sincerely Supportive?

Here are 9 thing you can to do help, both online and off. Continue reading

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The Post I Didn’t Post … Until Now

Four months ago (July 16, 2015) I wrote a post that I didn’t post. I needed time to reflect. What I learned in this time of reflection is that I simply can’t create and post anything until I do this; every time I try to write something else, I come back to The One I Didn’t Post. Hopefully doing so now will help 1.) others know they are not alone and that help is available, and 2.) jumpstart my blogging intentions once again.

It’s rather long, so grab some water, coffee, tea, or whatever you like, and get comfy. Here it is… Continue reading

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Take Back Your Life

I’ve been asked several times to repost this. This article was in the May 2015 Healing News newsletter (the monthly mailing for my business – you can sign up here from my website); due to the number of requests, I felt it more prudent to repost here in the blog. Missed words and other typos have been corrected. Thank you.


Take Back Your Life

Whew! What a wild couple of years. At least it has been for me, and I know it’s been wild for some of you too. Some of it off-the-wall fantastic, some of it meh, and a lot of it painstakingly wretched. But we’ve survived, every one of us. That says a good deal about how strong we really are, don’t you think? Some of us are still recovering and some of us are still waiting for recovery to begin. No matter where you’re at, it’s okay. You are where you are. And you can start or continue to take back your life regardless of where you are in your personal challenges.

Continue reading

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Reiki: Energy, System of Healing, or Both? (The Short & Sweet of It)

One of the greatest misconceptions about reiki is whether it’s an energy, a system of healing, or both. I hope this edition of “The Short & Sweet of It” will help set the record straight.

In Japan there are hundreds of words that include ki, which (when interpreted thoughtfully) mean simply “energy”, “universal energy”, or “life force energy”. How it is used can even describe one’s health condition, or personal demeanor. Rei is “sacred” or “spiritual”. When we put them together we have reiki (note the small r) or “sacred energy” or “spiritual energy”.

In this context, all spiritual energy is reiki. Continue reading

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Your Reiki Practitioner Is Not a Healer (The Short & Sweet of It)

If you’re at all familiar with subtle healing methods, whether you’re a practitioner or a client, you’ve certainly heard the word healer casually thrown about as though practitioners are some mystical vessel of healing energy. No doubt you’ve even heard practitioners call themselves a healer.

Not a Healer1

I don’t know about you or your practitioner, but I am not a healer. In fact, none of us practitioners are. Not one. (Warning: I will slightly contradict this in a moment.) What we are is healing facilitators. And what a difference it is! Continue reading

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Are You Annoying the Hell Out of Your Energy Healing (Reiki) Practitioner?

Annoyed, Angry Baby

“Rule #1 – The customer is always right.
Rule #2 – If the customer is ever wrong, re-read Rule #1.”
Steve “Stew” Leonard

Steve “Stew” Leonard was on to something with his concept about the customer always being right. I believe it’s a good rule for the most part. What business doesn’t want happy and satisfied customers? Most businesses are happy to please their customers. They want you to come back. I know I want retuning [loyal] happy clients. I also want it to be me they refer all their family and friends to. [Yep, that’s right. I publicly admit it.]

There is however another side to all this. At the same time that clients want good service, service providers want good clients. As a provider I’m stating it out loud: service providers want good clients. Our desire is to help you, rather than long to send you out the door, permanently; so don’t do these things: Continue reading

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